This magnificent 1.200 m2 land for sale in Bali is one of the most Exceptional LAND FOR SALE IN TABANAN Bali, an Attractive Property for sale in Bali land. Featuring Magnificent river view this Astonishing block of land in Tabanan is one of our featured land available for sale on our curent Bali property listing. Strategically situated in BAJERA, this Fantastic river view land in Tabanan Bali for sale is excellent for Private House / Commercial villa. Very Reasonable price USD 50 / sqm which considered very cheap for the land price in this area  this Astounding land in Bali for sale in Tabanan is a rare opportunity for prospective Property investment in Bali, Indonesia. Bellow are the specs and the features of this Outstanding 1.200 sqm view land for sale in Bali.

Stunning Land for sale in Bali, river view in Tabanan Bali - TJTB072

Stunning Land for sale in Bali, river view in Tabanan Bali – TJTB072

Magnificent Land for sale in Tabanan Bali, river view in TABANAN BARAT

This Excellent 1.200 sqm LAND FOR SALE IN TABANAN BALI is one our best offer of Exotic land in Tabanan for sale featured on our listings of property for sale in Tabanan Bali, one of the most Astounding property in Bali available for sale on current Bali property market.

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Listing Title  : Land for sale in Bali, Wonderful view in TABANAN BARAT Bali

Property Type  : Land for sale

Property Code :  TJTB072

Land location   :  BAJERA, TABANAN BARAT Bali

Land Size         :   12 Ares ( 1.200 m2 )

Land view / settings    :   Spectacular river view

Land Contour   :  slooping / terraced land  –  Condition  :  Dry land / Garden

Land Shape      :  ideal 20 mtrs wide land frontage  –  Land Access  :  4 mtrs wide Road access

Land Title         : Freehold (  Certificate of ownership )

Land Price        :  USD 50 / sqm ( USD 5.000 / are )

Total Price        :  USD 60.000

Bellow are some features that make this Astonishing 1.200 m2  property for sale in Tabanan one of the most Beautiful Property for sale in Bali

* Ideal ideal 20 mtrs wide land frontage land shape with nice slooping / terraced land land contour and Easy 4 mtrs wide Road access access to the site are some of the features offered by this Exotic river view land for sale in Bali

* This Astonishing 1.200 sqm land for sale in Tabanan Bali is situated in nice and peaceful area but not too remote where you can still enjoy an absolute privacy in shooting environment not very far from Attractive events in Tabanan, one of the most Outstanding property for sale in Tabanan Bali.

* As Tabanan is one of Bali places of interest, Basic infrastructures like Power-line and clean water supply are in place making it easy for feature development of this Beautiful river view land sale in Bali, a great spot for your dream property in Bali, the most beautiful island on earth.

* Strategically located in BAJERA, TABANAN BARAT, 5 mnts to the beach this Attractive Property in Tabanan for sale is great for Private House / Commercial villa

* Freehold land title giving you a total freedom any time for any use of this Amazing Property  for sale in Tabanan , one of the most Interesting property for sale in Bali

* Reasonable land price of USD 50 / sqm which is Relatively cheap compared to other LAND FOR SALE IN TABANAN making this Astonishing 1.200 sqm land in Bali for sale a rarely found property in Bali for sale that will not stay very long on Bali property market, a prospective opportunity for a profitable property investment in Indonesia

* Featuring Amazing river view this 1.200 m2 of Extraordinary land in Tabanan Bali for sale will give you a strong impression of “ Back to nature “ feeling that will refresh your mind and soul every time you visit this Astounding  Tabanan land for sale

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